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Welcome to our music site!  Music is  an integral part of education. There are many studies that show students who  study music score better on standardized tests.  Students who study music  are better at reasoning, and high order thinking. Here in Plainfield we  understand that music is important to our children's growth as learners.  

    Music at Moosup Elementary includes general  music.  All students grades K-3 receive general music instruction.    This general music includes singing, instrument playing, dancing, listening,  games as well as instruction on music reading.  You can check this page each month to see what we are learning! 


Report card information!

Your child will be receiving a report card grade for music please check below for the benchmarks. 

Click below on the grade level to read the benchmarks for more specific information. 

Grade K  Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 


Grade K


Welcome to music kindergarten children!  We will be singing, playing instruments, playing music games, learning to read music, identify music instruments and think about music and how it relates to our world.  This first month we will be singing some echo songs and working on marching music.  

Grade 1

 Welcome back first graders.  I hope you had a restful summer and are ready to learn more about music.  The first few months we will be reviewing information that we learned in music last year so we can see where to start for this year.  I look forward to playing many more instruments this year and reading more music.


Grade 2

 Second grade students already!  Wow it seems like we just ended first grade and here we are in second.  this year we will be writing more music and playing more instruments.  

Grade 3

Third grade, the oldest students in our school.  We look forward to playing our first music instrument that we will take home, the recorder.  Before we can do that we have some things to work on.  These first months we will be reviewing all of our music signs and working on writing and reading music accurately.  In third grade you are going to be more independent in your musicianship. 





Students click here to review our music signs we should know!   

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