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Orange Team Homework & Special Events

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Dear Parent / guardian,

The Orange team will be using “remind.com” to communicate with you via text messages. The reasons can range from a simple team message to a message for an upcoming event to serve as a reminder or cancelation, etc.

We encourage you to join the team in using this application.

It’s very straight forward to join. Simply text “@bc88k4” to 81010. You will then get a message returned to you indicating you have successfully joined the Orange team. 

Language Arts - Mrs. Bessette  

05/12/17: Symbolism Worksheet Due Monday 05/15/17
               Parts Of Speech Quiz Friday 05/19/17

05/10/17: Vocabulary Test Thursday 05/11/17
              Chapters 11 & 12 Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 05/12/17 

05/09/17: Vocabulary Test Thursday 05/11/17

05/03/17: Chapters 9 & 10 Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 05/05/17
               Vocabulary Quiz Tuesday 05/09/17 

05/01/17: Vocabulary Packet Due Wednesday 05/03/17

04/26/17: Vocabulary Test Thursday 04/27/17
              Chapters 7 & 8 Reading/Questions Due Friday 04/28/17 

04/25/17: Vocabulary Test Thursday 04/27/17

04/20/17: Chapters 5 & 6 Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 04/21/17
               Vocabulary Quiz Tuesday 04/25/17 

04/19/17: Vocabulary Packet Due Thursday 04/20/17
              Chapters 5 & 6 Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 04/21/17 

04/18/17: Vocabulary Packet Due Thursday 04/20/17

03/29/17: Chapters 3 & 4 Reading/Questions Due Friday 03/31/17

03/21/17: Chapters 1 & 2 Reading/Questions Due Friday 03/24/17

02/27/17: Windtalkers Permission Slips Due Thursday 03/02/17
               Theme Tracking Worksheet Due Friday 03/03/17 For A Test Grade 
               Word Wall Word Test Wednesday 03/08/17  

02/27/17: Windtalkers Permission Slips Due Thursday 03/02/17
               Theme Tracking Worksheet Due Friday 03/03/17 For A Test Grade 

02/24/17: Theme Tracking Worksheet Due Friday 03/03/17 For A Test Grade

02/22/17: Chapters 25 - 29 Reading & Questions Due Friday 02/24/17

02/15/17: Chapters 21 - 24 Reading & Literature Circle Roles Due Friday 02/17/17

02/08/17: Chapters 17 - 20 Reading & Questions Due Friday 02/10/17

02/01/17: Chapters 13 - 16 Reading & Literature Circle Roles Due Friday 02/03/17

01/25/17: Chapters 9 - 12 Reading & Questions Due Friday 01/27/17

01/20/17: Chapters 5 - 8 Reading & Literature Circle Roles Due Monday 01/23/17

01/11/17: Chapters 1 - 4 Reading & Questions Due Friday 01/13/17

12/12/16: Essay Due Monday 12/19/16

12/06/16: Is There Life On Mars Test Thursday 12/08/16
              Plot Diagram Due Monday For A Test Grade 12/12/16 

12/01/16: Is There Life On Mars Quiz Tuesday 12/06/16 

11/29/16: Is There Life On Mars Due Thursday 12/01/16
              Chapters 11 & 12 Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 12/02/16 

11/29/16: Vocabulary Packet Due Thursday 12/01/16

11/16/16: Chapters 9 & 10 Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 11/18/16

11/07/16: Binder Check Wednesday 11/09/16

11/02/16: Chapter Eight Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 11/02/16

10/26/16: Chapter Seven Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 10/28/16

10/12/16: Chapters Five & Six Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 10/14/16

10/03/16: Chapter Four Reading/Workhseet Due Thursday 10/06/16

09/28/16: The Life Cycle Of A Star Test Thursday 09/29/16
               Chapters Two & Three Reading/Worksheet Due Friday 09/30/16 

09/27/16: The Life Cycle Of A Star Test Thursday 09/29/16

09/22/16: Chapter One Reading & Worksheet Due Monday 09/26/16
               The Life Cycle Of A Star Quiz Tuesday 09/27/16

09/21/16: Chapter One Reading & Worksheet Due Friday 09/23/16
               The Life Cycle Of A Star Packet Due Thursday 09/22/16

09/20/16: The Life Cycle Of A Star Packet Due Thursday 09/22/16

09/13/16: Why Explore Space? Test Thursday 09/15/16

09/08/16: Why Explore Space? Quiz Tuesday 09/13/16

09/06/16: Why Explore Space? Packet Due Thursday 09/08/16

08/31/16: Introduction Paperwork (3 Pages) Due Friday 09/02/16

Math - Mr. Lozupone

Material covered

Pre-algebra - Students will explore solving linear equations using one and two step methods.

Algebra 1 - Students will explore solving systems of equations.

** Worksheets are typically assigned every day at the end of class. These are designed to reinforce material covered in class. If homework is not posted below, the homework is to complete the worksheets started in class.


3/28/17  Finish page 2 of word problem.  "Solving equations with integers" # 1 thru #10,  Solve equations sheet #1 thru #10.

3/27/17  Combining like terms #2

3/23/17  quiz study guide

3/22/17 Flowchart / one-step equations

algebra 1

3/23/17 quiz study guide

WEEK OF 1/16


Using properies of parallel lines

Alternate and same side angles

Angle relationship

finding volume of rectangular prisms


worksheet 4.1

WEEK OF 11/28


Complete classwork


Complete classwork






WEEK OF 11/21


No HW This week

ALG 1 

No HW This week


     class work and hw

      hw & Classwork

      hw & Classwork

      hw & Classwork

      hw & Classwork

ALG 1 WEEK OF 11/14

       activity 1

       activity  2 

       activity 3

       activity 4

Pre-alg WEEK OF 11/7


ALG 1 WEEK OF 11/7



11/2 sheet 1

11/3 sheet 2

ALG 1 week of 10-31

11/2 sheet 1

11/3 sheet 2

PRE-ALGEBRA week of 10-12

pa 10/13pa 10/13pa 10/17 , pa 10/18 , pa 10/19 , pa 10/20 , pa 10/21

ALG 1 week of 10-12

alg1 10/12 , alg1 10/13 , alg1 10/14 , alg1 10/17

PRE-ALGEBRA week of 10/3/16

pa 10/4/16 , pa 10/5/16 , pa 10/6/16 , pa 2 10/6/16 , pa 10/12/16

ALG 1 week of 10/4/16

10/3/16 , 10/5/16 , 10/12/16 , 10/14/16

All classes are expected to finish the handouts from class.


pre-algebra: Estimating square roots handout

algebra 1:  Complete activity 1.4.2

Science - Mrs. Speight -- Welcome to Sp8 Land!  

Click on this link to see the Welcome Letter which includes a description of materials and their Science notebook.

Optional Because you are interested work:  Watch "The 6th Day" with Arnold Schwarzenegger

6/9 -- Astronomy review packet in class and for homework on 6/12, and Astronomy Unit Test on Tuesday 6/13.

6/8/17 -- Moon phases and Eclipse Quiz tomorrow, 6/9.

4/28/17 -- Genetics Online Scavenger Hunt due Friday, 5/5/17.

4/25/17 -- Genetics Test on Thursday, 4/27.

4/21/17 -- Genetics Online Scavenger Hunt Link

4/17/17 --  Cell Cycle Animation Link

                Mitosis Animation Link


3/30 -- Finish Spongebob Review worksheet, due Friday, 3/31.

3/29/17 -- There will be a Quiz on Spongebob Genetics on Friday, 3/31.

CMT Science Test will be April 6th.  Students have been given a CMT Review packet.  They will be assigned pages each night, (except Fridays), for homework.  If they do not know the answers, they should research them.

3/23 -- pgs. 1 & 2

3/27 -- pgs. 6 & 10

3/28 -- pgs. 14 & 24

3/29 -- pgs. 48 & 60

3/30 -- pgs. 67 & 78



Click HERE for the Bridge Journal Entry Assignments.

3/16/17 -- Finish Punnett Square Worksheet for tomorrow, 3/17.

3/15/17 -- Genetics Vocabulary Quiz on Friday, 3/17.

2/23/17 -- Graph practice "D" due Friday, 2/24.

               Graph practice 9-12 due Friday, 2/24.

               Journal 3 on Edmodo due by Tuesday, 2/28 for whichever partner in the group has chosen to complete it.

               Journal 4 on Edmodo due by Friday, 3/3 for whichever partner in the group has chosen to complete it.

2/13/17 -- Journal 3 on Edmodo due on Friday, 2/17, for whichever partner in the group has chosen to complete it.

2/8/17 -- Journal 2 on Edmodo due on Monday, 2/13, for whichever partner in the group has chosen to complete it.

  Also, graph paper due Friday, 2/10.

2/3/17 -- Journal 1 on Edmodo due on Wed., 2/8 for whichever partner in the group that has chosen to complete it.

1/30/17 -- Student Bridge Building Packet Link; Bridge Building Parent Letter Link

1/24/17 -- Bridges Quiz on Thursday, 1/26/17. STUDY!

    1/9/17 -- Complete the graph and write the conclusion for the Acceleration and Mass Lab, due tomorrow, Tues., 1/10.

    1/4/17 -- Finish Making graphs worksheet, due tomorrow, 1/5/17.

    1/3/17 -- Finish the graphing practice worksheets from class today, they are due tomorrow, 1/4.

    ** Newton's 3rd Law Car Project will start 12/14 and finish 12/21.  Students may work both at home and in school on their project.  

    • Click here to see the student handout.
    • Click here to see video links for car ideas.

    12/12/16 -- Complete Review packet for tomorrow

                     Quiz on Friction and Forces tomorrow, 12/13/16.

    12/8/16 -- #11-20 on equation worksheet due tomorrow, 12/9.

                   Quiz on Friction and Forces on Tuesday, 12/13.

    12/7/16 -- #1-10 on equation worksheet due tomorrow, 12/8.

                     Quiz on Friction and Forces on Tuesday, 12/13.

    12/2/15 -- Quiz corrections and Aspen Reflections due Monday, 12/5/16.

    11/15/16 -- Motion Story Quiz on Thursday, 11/17.

    11/14/16 -- Create a Motion Story wksht due Tues., 11/15.

    11/9/16 -- Motion Story worksheet due Thurs., 11/10

    11/7/16 -- Road Trip wksht due Wed., 11/9

    10/21/16 -- Aspen Reflection due Monday, 10/24.

                     Speed/Velocity Unit Review Guide due Tuesday, 10/25.

                     Speed/Velocity Unit Test on Wednesday, 10/26.

    10/17/16 -- Speed Quiz on Tuesday, 10/18/16.  Review worksheets and units of measurement.

    10/3/016 -- Complete both sides of the Speed and Distance Practice wkshts. Due Wed., 10/5.

    9/29/16 -- pds. 4, 5, & 6 -- Speed Problems wksht due, both sides, Friday, 9/30.

    9/26/16 -- Due Wednesday, 9/28

    • Pd. 5 & 6 -- Speed Challenge Questions 4-7
    • Pd. 7 -- Side 1 of Speed problems wksht

    9/22/16 -- Due Monday, 9/26/16

    • Pd. 4 -- Time Travel A wksht 
    • Pd. 5 & 6 -- Time Travel B wksht

    9/15/16 -- Motion Vocabulary Quiz

    9/12/16 -- Science notebook check for a homework grade.  Follow the information on the Welcome Letter that went home.

    9/6/16 -- Science Syllabus form signed and returned today for a homework grade!



    Social Studies - Mrs. Brooks


    WELCOME TO HISTORY CLASS!  It was my pleasure to meet many of you at our Open House.  If you were not able to attend but have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

     8/31/16 - Classroom Expectation Sheet signed by you and a parent/guardian and returned to Mrs. Brooks

     9/6/16 - Choose the top 3 posters from Room 208 classroom, number them in 1,2, 3 order (one being the favorite), and then write a paragraph about why that particular one was the one you connected with the most.  Use good paragraph formatting, spelling and grammar.

     9/7/16 - Complete the Textbook Scavanger Hunt for tomorrow.  Cover your textbook by Monday, September 12th.

     9/9/16 - Complete packet on Sources started in class, if you did not complete in class. REMEMBER TO COVER YOUR BOOK FOR MONDAY!  BOOK COVER CHECK.

    9/13/16 to 9/15/16 - We have started Colonial Flip Chart Projects in class. We will be doing the research for them through Thursday, Sept. 15th in class.  If you do not have facts for all the categories on the graphic organizer, you need to finish for homework.

    9/16/16 - In class we will mix up the groups for information sharing for the Colonial Flip Charts.  Goal is to have accurate and important information about each colonial region.

    9/19/16 - Constitution video and discussion in class.  Then group share for information on Colonial regions.

    9/20/16 - Completed graphic organizers for ALL REGIONS.

    9/21/16 - Guest from East Conn "Waves of History" grant coordinator with introduction to the grant project and our participation. First field trip on October 4th with a Rain Date of October 5th.  Trip will be to Goodwin Forest, Hampton, CT.  Permission Slips are being sent home.  Please return by September 30th..

    9/22/16 - Corrections of Graphic Organizers in class.  Transfer correct information to your Flip Chart to use to study for the Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday, September 27th. Create flash cards for vocabulary list.

    9/23/16 - Use Flip Charts and Flash Cards to pair study (or alone, if you prefer) for the Chapter 4 test on Tuesday.

    9/26/16 - Review in class, followed by peer study.  CHAPTER 4 TEST TOMORROW!  Flip Charts will be collected as well for project grade.

    9/27/16 - CHAPTER TEST TODAY!

    9/28/16 - In Class:  Baseline assesment "The History and Process of Voting"  Homework:  Colonial Home Picture Analysis Worksheet due tomorrow. Field trip permission slips due on Friday!

    10/5/16  - In Class:  Read Chapter 5 Section 1.  When complete, answer questions on p.145 #1-5 (all).  Use complete sentences.  Finish for homework.

    10/7/16 - Began Outlining in class.

    10/12/16 - Continued in class with outline.  Complete outline for homework (all pages.)  Due tomorrow!  Quiz next week on Chapter 5 Section 1 The French and Indian War.

    10/13/16 - Went over outlines in class and discussed Section 1

    10/14/16 - Map Acitivity (Comparison of before and after the French and Indian War) collected at end of class to grade. 

    10/17/16 - Video Notes from "The War that Made America" film.

    10/18/16 - Guidance Lesson with Ms. MacInnis

    10/19/16 - Continued video from Monday with pauses, discussion, and notes.

    10/20/16 - Review for tomorrow's quiz on Chapter 5 Section 1. Ask the teacher any questions you may have. Then students create a quiz and answer key, exchange and take a quiz, exchange back and correct. HOMEWORK: STUDY FOR THE QUIZ TOMORROW

    1024/16 - Chapter 5 Section 2 Create Outline due by Thursday

    10/25/16 - Create Flashcards for "Key Terms" on pp. 146 &155 due tomorrow.  Start to study for vocabulary quiz on 10/31/16

    10/31/16 - Vocabulary Quiz  Election Process Notes Started

    11/2/16 - Election Process Notes HW - Research a candidate's position on an important issue

    11/3/16 - Guidance Lesson

    11/4/16 - Continue research of issues and candidates positions. At end of class, vote in a mock election.

    11/7/16 - Waves of History special guest, Mrs. Stern, a storyteller with an immigrant story.

    11/8/16 - Professional Development Day for teachers.  No school for students

    11/9/16 - Veterans Day video and the creation of cards, posters, letters, etc. to send to local veterans.

    11/10/16 - In class: continue from yesterday and finish.  I will deliver them to our local VFW to distribute to veterans.

    11/11/16 - VETERANS DAY no school.

    11/14/16 - Video Notes in class.  Homework: First four topics on the Graphic Organizer "Britisn Laws"

    11/15/16 - Homework: Complete the graphic organizer from yesterday tonight.

    11/18/16 - Homework: Complete the questions for the "Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions" and the "Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser" started in class.

    11/21/16 - Homework: Complete the questions for the "The Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress."

    11/22/16 - In Class: Checking and going over questions from homework.  Begin the video "Desperate Crossings" in class to be finished tomorrow afternoon.

    11/23/16 - Finish video in class. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  Hand in quiz that you filled in as you watched the video.

    11/28/16 - Complete for homework: Outline Ch.5 Section 3 started in class. (pp.155-160) Due tomorrow.


    11/29/16 - Answer questions #3-5 on page 160 using your Outline.  (If unable to answer with outline, use your book.)

    12/1/16 - Create 20 Question "Test" for Chapter 5 Sections 2 & 3  We will exchange and use to practice for test on Monday.  Take over the weekend, after you have studied.  Correct to see what you need to study some more!


    12/06/16 - Boston Massacre Worksheet in class.

    12/09/16 - Started Chapter 6 Section 1 Outline in class.  Due on Tuesday, 12/13/16. Topics for American Revolution Chosen.  Project will be due 1/11/17.  

    12/12/16 -  Research for Project started in Library.  Research phase of the project to be completed by 1/4/17.

    12/13/16 - Chapter 6 Section 2 Outline started in class.  Due on Thursday, 12/15/16.

     12/14/16 - Continue research for project today.  Follow rubric and instructions when researching topic.

    12/15-16/16 - Reading sections of the Declaration of Independence in groups and completing worksheet.  As a class, sharing answers for the different sections of the document and recording them on your worksheet to be completed in class.  QUIZ ON TUESDAY ON THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Study your worksheets from class.

    12/19/16 - Library for Research.  Study for quiz on the Declaration of Independence. QUIZ TOMORROW!

    12/20/16 - Quiz today.  Followed by the video "Johnny Tremain" with video worksheet to be collected.

    12/21/16 - Library for Research.  Work on your projects.

    12/22/16 - Finish the video "Johnny Tremain," completing the video worksheet today and turn in.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!  Don't forget about your Research Projects due January 11th.  Research to be finished by January 4th.

    1/3/17 - Library for Research Final Day.  Research to be collected tomorrow for grading.

    1/4/17 - Research collected for phase one grade.  Homework: Complete Chapter 6 Section 3 Outline, pp. 181-185. Due tomorrow.

    1/9/17 - Complete for homework in not finished in class: Chapter 6 Outline Section 4 pp. 186-189    In class: Rosa Parks reading and questions.  DO NOT FORGET RESEARCH PROJECTS DUE ON WEDNESDAY.


    1/11/17 - 11/12/17 Project Presentations.


    1/18/17 - Homework: Outline Chapter 6 Section 5  In class: Reading & Writing Assessment

    1/19/17 - CHAPTER 6 TEST ON JANUARY 31.  We will be working on study cards and reviewing in class over the next week.Study Cards to be completed by Tuesday.

    1/20/17 - American Revolution Video Notes to be finished today.  (Started on Tuesday.)

    1/21/17 - Study Cards in class.Complete for tomorrow.

    1/22/17 -1/30/17 STUDY FOR CHAPTER 6 TEST


    2/1/17 - CHAPTER 6 TEST TODAY Postponed until tomorrow due to late opening. Started Constitution Projects today.

    2/2/17 - Chapter 6 Test

    2/3/17 - 2/7/17 Constitution Project in class.  Due on 2/7/17 

    Due to inclement weather cancellation yesterday.  Project will be due tomorrow.  (If snow day tomorrow, it will be due on Friday.)

    2/8/17 - Homework due on Friday: Chapter 10 Section 2 Oultine

    2/13/17 - Collected Constitution Projects.  Checked Homework that was due on Friday.  Introduction of Lewis and Clark "mini project".  Students will each be responsible for researching one "leg" of the journey, using the national geographic website.  Directions handed out today and explained in class.

    2/14/17 - Students researched in the library for the Lewis and Clark project due on Friday, February 17th.

    2/15/17 - Introduction of Immigration in the early part of the 19th century from Ireland and then later in the same century.  Viewing of photographs and images.

    2/16/17 - Irish Musicians perform for each class, presenting Irish immigrant music.  This presentation is part of the Waves of History grant program in which we are participants.

    2/17/17 - Lewis and Clark projects due today.

    2/22/17 - Chapter 10 Section 2 Reread section pp. 306-310 and write down the Objectives with bulleted points to explain each and define all Key Terms (p.306 Top of page) QUIZ ON FRIDAY FOR SECTION 2

    2/23/17 - Class review for quiz

    2/24/17- Quiz on Section 2 pp.306-310  Homework: Due Monday, Chapter 11 Section 2 Outline pp. 337-341

    2/27/17 - Reviewed homework in class with discussion and video clips

    2/28/17 - In Class: Progress assessment "Lewis and Clark"  Homework: Chapter 13 Section 1 pp. 380-384 Outline due tomorrow.

    3/1/17 - Check homework.  Watch and take notes on "The Oregon Trail" video.  Notes collected at end of class for credit as classwork.

    3/2/17 - In class: Video Notes continued for "Oregon Trail"  Homework:  Complete the review sheet for Monday's Quiz

                Monday, March 6th: Quiz on Ch 11 Section 2 and Ch 13 Section 1

    3/3/17 - Study for Quiz on Monday using your study guide from Friday.

    3/6/17 - Quiz

    3/7/17 - Guidance Lesson

    3/8/17 - Worksheet packet on transportation due tomorrow.

    3/9/17 - Review and correction of packets in class with discussion. 

    3/13/17 - Chapter 11 Section 1 Worksheet Guided Reading and Review, due tomorrow.  Read section and answer as you read.

    3/16/17 & 3/17/17 - In class inquiry activity about Mill Girl Life.  In class read materials provided and fill in the graphic organizer and hand in at the end of class on Friday.

    REMINDER: TRIP TO GARDE ART THEATER MONDAY, MARCH 20TH.  PERMISSION SLIPS MUST BE TURNED IN WITH THE MONEY ($15)  If a parent is interested in attending, we have a few extra seats (cost $15).  Please send in a note and the money.

    3/20/17 - Garde Theater trip 

    3/21/17 - Worksheet on "Improvements In Industry: Making Cloth".  Chapter 11 Section 1 Outline started in class and finish for homework due on Thursday.  Quiz on Section 1 of Chapter 11 will be Tuesday, March 28th.

    3/22/17 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 12-7  Schedule an appointment 

    3/23/17 - Waves of History Child Labor Lesson

    3/24/17 - Review of Chapter 11 Section 1 Class Discussion and Review Packet due Monday

    3/27/17 - Review Packet for Quiz corrected in class.  Study for Quiz tomorrow.

    3/28/17 - QUIZ ON CHAPTER 11 SECTION 1  After quiz read pp.430-431.  Define the four words in the introduction. Answer the 3 questions at the end.  Be sure to write a paragraph for #3, using complete sentences and supporting details to explain your position.  Due Wednesday.

    REMINDER:  TRIP TO WINDHAM TEXTILE MILL MUSEUM ON EITHER APRIL 4TH OR 5TH DUE APRIL 3RD.  There is no cost.  It is paid for by the Waves of History grant through EastConn that we have been participating in this year. Periods 5 & 6 will attend on Tuesday.  Periods 4 & 7 will attend on Wednesday.  Be sure to bring a bagged lunch or order one from the cafeteria by giving Mrs. Brooks your name.

    Family History Project due on April 24th. Refer to sheet from Mrs. Paglione from Waves of History Grant project.

    3/29&30/17 - In class: Reading packet on Slavery and Rice, answering question worksheet.  Analysis of the bar graphs and tables of data and answering the questions.  To be completed by the end of class on Thursday.  If not complete, it is homework.


    4/17/17 - Time line to be finished that was started in class.

    4/18/17 - Economy of Slavery Worksheets Parts 1 & 2.  Fill in graphic organizer with the facts from the two worksheets.  On the back of the graphic organizer, answer the three questions at the bottom of Part 1 worksheet.  Then answer the Analysis Worksheet, using the facts from the graphic organizer.  Complete for homework.

    Reminder:   Family History Project due April 24th

    4/20/17 - "Northern Profits from Slavery" Read article and find 15 ways that the north profited from slavery.   Record your answers on sheet provided.  (Started in class.)

    4/21/17 - Discussion and reading in class of the "Middle Passage".

    4/24/17 - Projects collected.  Students worked in small groups on an inquiry activity on the "Middle Passage." They will finish tomorrow in class.

    4/25/17 - Finish the inquiry activity from yesterday and turn in. Complete the  Create a "Cycle of Slavery" diagram (started in class, if not finished complete for homework.) Be sure to illustrate each phase of the cycle, label all phases and place them in the proper order. Use color and be neat.  Collected only if finished.  Due tomorrow.

    Field Trip forms to go to PHS for the Waves of History Symposium were passes out.  Please return them by May 5th.  Trip is on May 10th.  If a student needs a bagged lunch, please let Mrs. Brooks know by May 5th as well.

    4-26-17 - Slavery Cycle Diagram collected.  Students discussed the results of the readings done on Slavery, taking notes. Test on Slavery will be next Wednesday, May 3rd.

    4-27-17 - Students analyzed primary source documents, completing a question worksheet and a photo analysis worksheet to be handed in at the end of class.

    4/28/17 - Students graphed information from tables about slavery and the production of rice in the South. If not finished, complete them for Monday. REMINDER ABOUT TEST ON SLAVERY UNIT ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 3RD.

    5/1/17 - Discussion of graphing activity

    5/2/17 - Completed graphing.  Review for test.  Organize materials for slavery unit.  Study.  You will be able to use anything that you did for the Slavery Unit on the test.

    5/3/17 - Slavery Unit Test

    5/4/17 - Reminder:  Bring in permission slips for next Wednesday's trip to PHS for Waves of History Symposium.

    5/11/17-5/12/17 - Chapter 14 Read and Create a T-Chart, using bulleted notes to describe life and the economies of both The North and The South.  Class time provided to work on this assignment on both Thursday and Friday.  If not complete, do for homework.  Due on Monday, May 15th.

    REMINDER SBAC TESTING FOR GRADE 8 ON MAY 16TH-MAY 18TH.  Remember your ABC'S for Success!  "B"  "K"  and "J"!  You've Got This!!!

    5/19/17 - Listening Comprehension Note Taking in class.

    5/22/17 - North and South Graphic organizers to organize information by topic.  Work on in Class today.  Due on Wednesday.QUIZ on FRIDAY.

    5/23/17 - WAVES of History Grant wrap up and history project presentations by volunteers.

    5/24/17 - Check graphic organizers and correct together in class.

    5/25/17 - Review for Quiz on Friday.

    5/26/17 - QUIZ on North and South

    5/30/17 - Graphic Organizer on the three regional leaders (pp.343-346) & Topics Worksheet pp. 460, 465, 468, 470, 471, 475-476, and 497 Started in class and both are due tomorrow.

    5/31/17 - Reading and questions on "Frederick Douglas" in class. Homework:  Vocabulary Worksheet due for tomorrow.

    6/1/17 - Video notes collected at the end of class

    6/2/17 - Write 15 questions for Jeopardy game.  If working with a partner, the pair must have 30 questions.  Due Monday.

    6/5/17 & 6/6/17 - Video Notes on Civil War video series by Ken Burns


    6/12/17 - Worksheets on the population and states before the Civil War, if not complete in class, it is homework.

    6/13/17 - Study for test tomorrow.  Chapter 11 Section 3, Chapters 14 &15 (North and South facts), Chapter 16 

    6/14/17 - TEST














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