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Orange Team Homework & Special Events

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Nathan Hale Homestead Field Trips October 17th and 19th

Check the permission slip for the date for your trip.  The cost is $7.00 to pay for busing.

Bring a bagged lunch.  You may pre-order a cafeteria bagged lunch with your homeroom teacher by 10/11.

The trip is rain or shine.

Click here for the Open House letter which includes school supply information.

Dear Parent / guardian,

The Orange team will be using “remind.com” to communicate with you via text messages. The reasons can range from a simple team message to a message for an upcoming event to serve as a reminder or cancelation, etc.

We encourage you to join the team in using this application.

It’s very straight forward to join. Simply text “@fgk7b8” to 81010. You may also use a desktop for email notifications using rmd.at/fak7b8. You will then get a message returned to you indicating you have successfully joined the Orange team. 

Language Arts - Mrs. Bessette  



10/16/17: LA4 & LA6: TO Chapters Nine & Ten Reading/Questions 10/20/17
                LA5: TOMTS Part I Reading/Questions 10/20/17
                LA7: LOTF Chapters Nine & Ten Reading/Questions 10/20/17

10/12/17: Vocabulary Test 10/18/17

10/11/17: LA4 & LA6: TO Chapters Seven & Eight Reading/Questions 10/13/17
                LA5: LOTF Chapters Ten - Twelve Reading/Questions 10/13/17
                LA7: LOTF Chapters Seven & Eight Reading/Questions 10/13/17

10/05/17: Vocabulary Quiz 10/12/17

10/03/17: Vocabulary Packet 10/05/17

10/02/17: LA4 & LA6: TO Chapters Five & Six Reading/Questions 10/06/17
                LA5: LOTF Chapters Seven - Nine Reading/Questions 10/06/17
                LA7: LOTF Chapters Five & Six Reading/Questions 10/06/17

09/28/17: LA6: Completed Alphabetical Order Activity

09/26/17: Vocabulary Test 09/28/17

09/25/17: LA4 & LA6: TO Chapters Three & Four Reading/Questions 09/29/17
                LA5: LOTF Chapters Four - Six Reading/Questions 09/29/17
                LA7: LOTF Chapters Three & Four Reading/Questions 09/29/17

09/21/17: Vocabulary Quiz 09/26/17

09/19/17: Vocabulary Packet 09/21/17

09/18/17: LA4 & LA6: TO Chapters One & Two Reading/Questions 09/20/17
                LA5: LOTF Chapters One - Three Reading/Questions 09/20/17
                LA7: LOTF Chapters One & Two Reading/Questions 09/20/17

09/13/17: Vocabulary Test 09/15/17

09/11/17: LA6: Life Of Reilly Questions 09/12/17

09/07/17: Vocabulary Quiz Wednesday 09/13/17

09/06/17: Vocabulary Packet 09/07/17
                LA4, LA6, LA7: Poetry Breakdown (Side 1) Worksheet (Remainder) 09/07/17

09/05/17: Vocabulary Packet 09/07/17

08/30/16: Introduction Paperwork (3 Pages Front & Back) 09/01/16

Math - Mr. Lozupone

Welcome to the new school year!

On this HW site you will find the topics the students will be seeing in class, any HW assignments given and other math announcements.

** Worksheets are typically assigned every day at the end of class. These are designed to reinforce material covered in class. If homework is not posted below, the homework is to complete the worksheets started in class.

Material covered

The first few days we will get to know each other and talk about rules and expectations.

Pre-algebra - Students will explore multiplying numbers with powers of ten as a precursor to scientific notation.

Algebra - Students will explore multiplying numbers with powers of ten as a precursor to scientific notation.

Algebra 1 - Students will explore solving multi-step equations as preparation to comparing solutions to multiple equations,


week of 10/16: no homework due to field trips to Hale house 



Algebra 1 - Two step equations part 2

Pre-alg & Alg - Approximating square and cube roots - part 2


Algebra 1 - Two step equations part 1

Pre-alg & Alg - Approximating square and cube roots - part 1


Algebra 1 "representing expressions with stories and flowcharts"

Pre-algebra "exponents and division" #1 thru 20

Algebra lesson 4.5 practice sheet 1 through 24


Algebra 1 - complete "arithmetic sequences"

Alg & Pre-alg - "exponents  and multiplication"


9/5    - ALL CLASSES - complete handouts


Science - Mrs. Speight -- Welcome to Sp8 Land!  

 Click on the link to read the Science Welcome Letter.

10/18 -- DNA/RNA Quiz on Friday, 10/20.

Click on the link to play: CSI: The Experience

Gentics Scavenger Hunt Links:

Click on this link to download the Genetic Scavenger Hunt Document.

Tour of the Basics:


How do Scientists read chromosomes?:


Making Karyotype:


Using Karyotypes to predict genetic disorders:


Chromosomal Abnormalties:


9/19 -- Genetics quiz (vocab and punnett squares) on Thursday, 9/21.

          Spongebob Review packet due tomorrow, 9/20 (pds. 4,5,6)

9/11 -- Gary and Tina Punnett Square practice wksht due tomorrow, 9/12.

9/7 -- Punnett Square Practice wksht, side 1, due tomorrow.

9/6 -- Remind Letter must be signed and returned by 9/7.




Social Studies - Mrs. Brooks


10/13/17: Periods 4, 5, & 7: complete Slavery Timelines, if not finished in class.  Due by Monday.

10/12/17 Period 7: Complete graph for homework.  Periods 4, 5 & 7: In Class today and tomorrow:  Slavery Timeline projects

               Period 6: Reading and graphic organizer on Middle Passage by Alexander Falconbridge, started in class and complete for homework

10/11/17 Period 4 & 5: complete questions and graph for homework 

10/6/17 Periods 4, 5, & 7: Typing essays in the library.

             Period 6: In groups to do yesterday's assignment. (We did not have time to start it yesterday.)

10/5/17 Period 6: Class discussion of the economy of slavery and corrections. Read the "Northern Profits from Slavery" article and complete list of ways the                    North profited from slavery. For homework, if not finished.

              Periods 4, 5 & 7: Write your conclusion of the essay. Write or type your final copy of the conclusion for homework.  The essay should be complete in                  a final copy form for tomorrow.

10/4/17 Period 6: The Economy of Slavery Parts 1 and 2: Start in class and complete for homework. Remember you Timeline for tomorrow.

             Periods 4, 5 & 7: Write the rough draft of your third paragraph, explaining the differences between the two settlements.  Write or type a final copy of                   the third paragraph for homework. 

10/3/17 Period 6: Start of Slavery Unit; Triangular Trade Map questions and discussion, create a graph of information.  Start your slavery timeline and                                           complete for homework for Thursday, Oct. 5th.

              Periods 4, 5, & 7: Write the rough draft of your second paragraph, explaining the similarities between the two settlements.  Write or type a final copy                  of the paragraph for homework.

10/2/17 Period 6: Research lesson in the library.  

            Periods 4, 5, & 7: Writing a compare and contrast essay on Jamestown and Plymouth.We will work on the first introductory paragraph today in class.                Complete a final, neat copy for homework. 

9/29/17 Period 6: Finish Plymouth video and questions.  Start:  Write compare and contrast essay on Jamestown and Plymouth. Essay due on Tuesday,10/3             Periods 4,5 & 7 Complete a Venn Diagram of Jamestown and Plymouth, comparing and contrasting the two settlements.

9/28/17 Periods 4, 5 & 7: Finish videos from yesterday. Class discussion.  Period 6: finish Jamestown video and start Plymouth video and questions

9/27/17 Periods 4, 5, & 7: Plymouth Video and questions to be finished tomorrow  Period 6: Jamestown video and questions to be finished tomorrow

9/26/17 Periods 4, 5 & 7: Jamestown Video and questions  Period 6: Introduction to Connecticut History Day research projects and competition

9/25/17 In Class: Jamestown reading and questions

9/20/17 Study for Test tomorrow on Chapter 4.  Remember to hand in your Flip Charts.

9/19/17 Flip Charts due tomorrow.  Today: Started "Picture" cards to use to study for test on Thursday.  Complete cards for homework and study.

9/18/17 All Classes will do a Constitution Day Activity in honor of Constitution Day on 9/17/17.

9/15/17 All Classes will do a baseline reading and writing assessment. Reminder: Chapter 4 Test on Thursday for all classes.

9/14/17 Periods 4, 5, & 7: Discussion of graphic organizers and corrections made in class. Start flip chart projects in class and continue at home. To be completed by Wednesday, September 20th.

           Period 6: Work on project in class and complete for homework.  Due Friday.

9/13/17 Periods 4, 5, & 7 Homework: Southern Colonies must be completed for tomorrow.

           Period 6: Class Discussion and work on project. 

9/12/17 Continue from last week on graphic organizers, gathering information. Periods 4, 5 & 7 Homework: Middle Colonies must be completed by tomorrow.  You will use this information on your FLIP CHART PROJECT.

           Period 6: Chapter 4 discussion today. Begin Flip Chart Projects due on Friday.  

           Periods 4, 5 & 7: Graphic Organizers will be due by Thursday. Flip Chart Projects will be due on  9/20/17.

9/11/17 Remembrance discussion and short video of 9/11/01  Remainder of Class Worked on graphic organizers and reading Chapter 4  

           Periods 4, 5 & 7 Homework to have New England section done

           Period 6: Chapter 4 Graphic Organizers completed for tomorrow.

9/8/17 Periods 4, 5, & 7: Working on graphic organizers for Chapter 4 Complete (at minimum) New England section of the graphic organizers. Start on Middle. All sections should be complete by Thursday.

          Period 6: Be sure to take notes on individual colonies as well as regions. Plan to have both complete by Tuesday.

9/7/17 Periods 4, 5, & 7: Started reading for Flip Chart Project by working on graphic organizers in class

          Period 6: Hip Hop review & discussion followed by working on Graphic Organizers for Chapter 4 (Please cover your textbook)

9/6/17 Periods 4, 5 & 7: Maps started in class, if not completed, finish for homework

           Period 6: Correct scavenger hunt and listen to "I Want America" and fill in blanks

9/5/17 Period 6: Textbook Scavenger Hunt due tomorrow.

          Periods 4, 5, & 7: Hip Hop fill in the blank in class: "I Want America"

8/30/17 Please read, sign and return the Classroom Expectation Sheet for History Class to Mrs. Brooks by Friday, September 1st.  (First Homework Credit)

WELCOME TO HISTORY CLASS!  It was my pleasure to meet many of you at our Open House.  If you were not able to attend but have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
















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