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Colleen  Family Support Specialist

Welcome Plainfield Families,

Plainfield Public Schools is committed to developing positive, open communication with all families as we work together to develop relationships that support student achievement.  In addition to services offered through our schools, PTO’s, and the Family Resource Center, the district established a Family Support Specialist to assist families if their child is identified for support services.  The more a family understands and participates in the opportunities and services for student success, the more a child will benefit from these programs and services.

Family involvement plays an important role in a student’s success.  Our aim is to offer families information, support and guidance as they navigate the special education process.  Sometimes, the process, the forms, the meetings and the information can be a bit overwhelming to a family. Through this support, we hope to build the trust and confidence through positive, supportive relationships that lead to the success of all children.  We want to help families feel that their concerns are heard and that they understand how the district plans to help their child develop.

My name is Colleen Lugauskas. I am the district Family Support Specialist.  I am a resident of Plainfield who attended Plainfield Public Schools, as did my children. I have had the honor to be a paraprofessional, a teacher, a principal and a Board of Education member in the district.  I hope to bring my experiences as an educator and a parent to support families who want to be an active partner in their child’s education. 

I look forward to working together with families, students and educators to improve connections and communications for the benefit of all of our students!



Colleen Lugauskas

Colleen Lugauskas

Family Support Specialist
Plainfield Public Schools  

Contact Information:
Phone #: 860-564-6407
Hours by appointment