Discover Bus

discovery bus
The Discovery Bus
Plainfield's Mobile LibraryPlainfield Public Schools re-fabricated a 38’ (72 passenger) bus with bookshelves, carpet, benches, air conditioning and exterior awning and received over 2,000 donated books to create a 3,000 book mobile library communicating to the community the importance of reading with the message, “Read Good Books, Learn New Ideas, Discover Your Potential!”.

Discovery provided free books (borrowed and returned) and storytelling to more than 1,400 visitors this summer.  The mobile library participated in a Town Recreation Literacy in the Park event, Plainfield Business Pride Day and a veterans’ sponsored VJ Day Parade.  This unique service provides communication to the local community about the importance of reading through its presence, its book borrowing and storytelling services and the song that emanates while travelling through the town “Gotta Keep Reading!”.   The Discovery mobile library has prompted news reports in the Norwich Bulletin, The Reminder and Channel 3 as well as Facebook comments that “…the bus is awesome!”.  During the school year, Discovery will bring on-site field trips to students such as a visit from the Town historian.  Communication may come in the form of notices, websites or handbooks but, in this case, communicating the importance of reading and the value of education is provided through a big blue and green mobile library bringing books and stories to town residents