Superintendent Message

Superintendent Message
Superintendent DiPietro

Welcome Back to School – 2019

A Message from Superintendent Di Pietro


Welcome back to school and the start of the 2019 school year which moves us that much closer to the end of the 2018/2019 school year.  This message includes some news about our school system.

Plainfield Memorial School:  The students, the staff and the families are returning to Plainfield Memorial School on January 2nd, 2019.  Yes, the school has been completely renovated after the August fire.  While the school is fully ready to receive staff and students, there will be continued work on the technology infrastructure, the phone system and the library collection. The library has been transformed.  New shelves, a circulation desk, computer stations and a video observation area have been added and a new collection of books will be arriving by the end of January.  In addition, the Town is implementing a conversion to energy efficient LED lighting and PMS is the first school to receive the conversion.  Every wall, ceiling tile, damaged flooring and air ducts have been replaced, cleaned or painted.  Student had a first visit on December 18 & 19 and staff have been preparing the classrooms for the arrival of students.  Welcome back.  The bus ride will be shorter.  You are coming home to Plainfield.

Shepard Hill Elementary & ECC:  Shepard Hill Elementary and the Early Childhood Center are the next two schools which will be converted to LED lighting.  This effort converts our fluorescent lights to LED lighting to save cost for electricity while also helping the ecology though less waste.  The project is funded by grants and a loan which is paid through the electricity cost savings over the next 4 years. 

Moosup Elementary School:  Moosup has been engaged in using a Maker Space environment to support hands-on, creative thinking skills aligned with STEM instruction.  Over the past two years, Westminster Tool in Plainfield has provide grants to Moosup to support Maker Space.  This year the students who annually create large gingerbread houses to bring to senior centers and agencies, once again created gingerbread houses and delivered two – a State Capital and a Governor’s Home – to Westminster Tool to say thank you for the support the company has shown.  The students and staff were surprised to receive another check for $10,000 to continue their efforts.  The district is also using grant funds to replicate the Maker Space STEM project at Shepard Hill Elementary.  Thanks to all!

Plainfield Central Middle School:  Plainfield Central continues to focus on its goal of excellence.  Over the past two years, PCS has been recognized by the State for its continued progress on State Testing.  As a result of its progress, the State ranks PCS as a Category #1 school with distinction.  Both Moosup and Shepard Hill have attained Category #1 status as well.  Throughout the year, the staff and administration at PCS review data on student achievement and consider how to best meet the needs of the students for demonstrated achievement.  Their efforts are proving to make a difference!

Plainfield High School:  PHS is always in a process of self-reflection and improvement.  PHS received NEASC accreditation which identifies it as a high school meeting the expectations to prepare students for college and the world of work.  Every five (5) years a NEASC accreditation update is received and every ten (10) year a full NEASC accreditation review is performed.  PHS is now preparing for its 10-year accreditation review.  Additionally, the State of Connecticut has made changes to graduation expectations.  PHS is embracing the new requirements which include more health instruction, world language, connected learning and portfolios.  In addition to these State expectations, the Board of Education has identified the need for all students to receive education in personal finance.  As well, the Board of Education recently approved a modification to the student schedule to return to block scheduling designed as a two-day A/B cycle.  This will allow student to focus on only 4 subjects per day for 84-minute classes.  Other changes are under consideration to improve the transition from 8th grade to PHS.  The combination of improvements will support PHS’s new NEASC accreditation review.


K. Di Pietro, Superintendent