Superintendent's Message



Dear Parents and Community Members,

As you may be aware, Plainfield Public Schools is currently engaged in a comprehensive study of our school facilities to assess their current condition, safety, space utilization, and suitability for modern educational needs. The purpose of this study is to provide a roadmap for the future of our schools, ensuring that our facilities can support the educational excellence that our students deserve.

To answer questions parents may have about the facilities study, we are hosting an “Information and Questions Session” to discuss the progress we have made to date in Facilities Study, and provide an opportunity for questions.  Our sessions will be both in-person and virtual.

Community member Meeting:

Tuesday September 19th:

6:00 pm Virtual and in the PHS Library

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Meeting ID: 326 675 282 263
Passcode: KhJYop

Parent and Student Meeting

Wednesday Sept 20th:

6:00 pm Virtual and in the PHS Library

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Meeting ID: 395 959 901 344
Passcode: kWxGHC



During the Information and Questions Session, we will:

  • Share the process and focus of the facilities study.
  • Explain the importance of addressing these issues and the potential benefits for our students and community.
  • Provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and share your thoughts and concerns.

We value your input and believe that your perspectives as parents and community members are essential in shaping the decisions we make regarding our school facilities. Your questions and feedback will help us ask the right questions, and make informed choices that align with the needs and aspirations of our community.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to the education of our students. We look forward to engaging in a meaningful discussion about the future of Plainfield Public Schools' facilities.


Paul M. Brenton



Mr. Paul M. Brenton
[email protected]
651 Norwich Road
Plainfield, CT 06374
(860) 564-6403

Paul M. Brenton joined Plainfield Public Schools as Superintendent on July 1st 2021. He holds degrees from the University of Michigan, the University of Connecticut and Alma College.