Freshman Information - Class of 2020

Please note that in order to be considered a sophomore next year, students must earn a minimum of 6.0 credits.


Need extra help or a quiet space to do your work? Join your classmates and teachers in the library after school! Just remember to sign up for the late bus with Mrs. Salisbury during your lunch.

Another great resource is Khan Academy where you can have anything from math concepts to history ideas explained to you through short, helpful videos. Whether you're confused on a subject or you just need some review before a big test, Khan Academy is a great place to visit. Signing up is not required - just scroll down and start searching for the subject you need!

Tips for a Successful Freshman Year

Freshman Academy Expectations:

  • Come to class prepared: Students need to bring their 3-ring binder, agenda, and a writing utensil to class every day. If a student fails to bring the items necessary to be successful in class the teacher will assign the student an after school detention.
  • Complete homework and hand in assignments/projects on time: Students are expected to complete homework and other assignments/projects on time. If a student fails to complete any assignment on time the teacher may accept the student's work with a grade penalty. Students who frequently fail to complete assignments on time will be referred to guidance and parents will be contacted.
  • Make-up assignments when absent: If a student is absent they are responsible for all missed work.  Any work (including quizzes and tests) that a student missed must be made up within 5 school days. No work will be accepted after the quarter ends and grades close. 
  • Must have an agenda to leave class: In order for a student to leave class for any reason they must have an agenda and get it signed by a staff member.
  • Be on time to class: Any student that is late to class without a legitimate pass will be assigned an after school detention.  If a student is tardy to class frequently they will be referred to administration. 
  • Must exhibit Appropriate Behavior: Students will be held to the Plainfield High School Code of Conduct.

  • If something is not going well or something is bothering you make sure to tell a teacher, your school counselor Mr. Willis, or your school social worker Ms. Ericson. They are all here to help and support you.
  • Get involved! We have many clubs and sports you have the opportunity to participate in. Meet friends, get to know adults, and feel connected to your school. Colleges and universities are interested in seeing students who are involved as it shows them you are well rounded and can balance academics with other obligations.

Important Upcoming Dates:

March 22- Parent Conference Day 12:00-7:00 PM (No School)

April 10-14- Spring Recess

May 29- Memorial Day (No School)

High School Terms to Become Familiar With
Credit: each class you take is worth credit that you receive by earning a 65 or better for your final grade. A semester-long class is worth .5 credit whereas a yearlong class is worth 1.0 credit. You must earn 27 credits in order to graduate.

Transcript: a piece of paper that lists all of your grades and classes for all four years. This is what is sent to colleges in your senior year to help determine whether they will admit you.

G.P.A. (Grade Point Average): an averaged grade for all of the courses you have taken.

Class Rank: the specific position you are in compared with the rest of your graduating class based on a calculation that includes both your grades and the level of difficulty of the courses you have taken.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact:

Mr. David Willis, Freshman School Counselor

860.564.6422 x1117

Mr. Christopher Bitgood, Freshman Administrator

860.564.6422 x3102

Plainfield Public Schools 651 Norwich Rd Plainfield CT 06374

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