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Welcome to our music site!  Music is  an integral part of education. There are many studies that show students who  study music score better on standardized tests.  Students who study music  are better at reasoning, and high order thinking. Here in Plainfield we  understand that music is important to our children's growth as learners.  

    Music at Moosup Elementary includes general  music.  All students grades K-3 receive general music instruction.    This general music includes singing, instrument playing, dancing, listening,  games as well as instruction on music reading.  You can check this page each month to see what we are learning! 


Report card information!

Your child will be receiving a report card grade for music please check below for the benchmarks. 

Click below on the grade level to read the benchmarks for more specific information. 

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Grade K

 September-October 2018

The children in kindergarten and working on using our singing voices. We sang a song called “Hello Everybody” and each child sang a part of the song alone. Ask your child to sing the song for you! We are also working on steady beat and will be for the entire year. Steady beat is a very important part of music. We kept the beat with our hands, our feet, and sticks so far this year. We have been working on four ways to use our voice, singing voice, talking voice, whispering voice and shouting voice. Many young children think that they are singing when they are really talking, by practicing the voices we will understand how to use our voice properly. We are also marching, we listened to "The Washington Post March" by J.P Sousa and we marched around the room. When we march, we are keeping the beat with our feet. October will bring some seasonal songs and more steady beat and new instruments to play. Please ask you child what we did in music and have them sing for you.

Grade 1

First grade students started with a Hello song from last year. "Hello There" is an echo song and we took turns being the leader of the song. We are working on a chant, which has a beat. We learned how to chant our names which sounds a bit funny to us; each children stood and chanted their name for the class. Ask your child to chant their name and then chant your name! We looked at the poster with the four families of the orchestra. We studied these last year a little, this year we will be going more in depth with each family. First graders also listened to "The Washington Post March" and marched around the room. Then we learned a march that has words to sing "The Ants Go Marching". We will be singing, playing instruments and marching at the same time. Steady beat continues to be an important music concept along with using our singing voice. We do patterns using solfedge syllables. You might have heard these syllables before…. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. We know Do Mi and So and can match the pitch, we will be adding Re and Ti by the end of this year. Rhythms are also in progress we echo the rhythms and we will be reading them as well. Be sure to ask your student what we did in music.


Grade 2

 In second grade, we put the beat in our heels; this leaves our hands free to clap the rhythm. That is a more complex thing to do for the students. The second grade started the year singing a song "I Like School", we look forward to singing that song for our peers here at school.  We will be taking a test on the beat verses the rhythm.  We can hear the difference and see the difference. We can keep the beat so we are working on playing patterns on instruments while we sing. Second grade continues working on the instruments of the orchestra again going more in depth.

Grade 3

Third grade students took a pretest at the beginning of the year. This is an indicator for me to know what we have to work on for the year. They had to identify music signs that we have learned from K-2. Now that we have our data, we can work toward a goal. This year students are expected to know the instruments of the orchestra. We worked on that K-2. Now we are going to work on Tone color. Tone color is the special sound that is made by an object, it’s what you hear! We are also working on decoding music ourselves. We took the song “Rain is Falling Down” and we broke it up into three parts, rhythm, words, tune. Once we have those parts we can sing the song without a CD or the teacher singing it first. This will lead us to becoming independent musicians. Third graders are looking forward to playing recorder this year. This year each child will buy their recorder from the school and be able to keep it to play in grade 4. Look for the notice coming out in November about our new recorder program.





Students click here to review our music signs we should know!   

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