24 March 2015

 Present: Present: Michelle Beauregard, Pam Carleson, Karen Culver-Rymsza, Melissa Delaney, Gayle Flanagan, Carolyn Holmy, Erika Lorange, Hope Marandola, Elyse McAteer, Sara Sleboda, Alexandra Thomas, Louisa Trakas, Ray Watson, Jim Worth

Guest: Bryan Klimkiewicz

Minutes moved to be accepted by Michelle Beauregard

            Seconded by Pam Carleson


Strategic Planning Committee Discussion led by Bryan Klimkiewicz

The committee is looking from a shared vision from everyone including the SGC.

Bryan led us in an activity where we had input into the six goal areas as defined by the district. These goals are:

  1. Establish a system to ensure all students meet rigorous standards
  2.  Ensure highest quality staff  to serve Plainfield students and families
  3. Address diverse learning through personalization and  responsiveness
  4. Increase parent and community involvement in school improvement
  5. Ensure safe healthy, effective environments for student success
  6. Optimize resources to promote student achievement

Through the use of cards placed under each category, The SGC placed most of their ideas under goals 1 and 3. These ideas included increasing foreign language-both time and  number taught, more AP classes offered, address all learners, diverse teaching/learning, expand curricula, more tech classes, increase budget for educational resources/staff, increase technology.  Bryan  is going to compile a full report from these ideas along with reports from the rest of the district. This input will help determine the upcoming strategic plan for the district.

Common Core Brochure was finalized and it is good to distribute. The brochures will be placed at the town hall, the main offices at each of the schools, ECC, the administrative offices at ECC, rec center, and Plainfield Pediatric Center.

Access to SGC email will be officers of SGC.

High school schedule change discussed

Communication- In first day of school packets information regarding elections to SGC should be included. Information should also be on web page.

Meeting adjourned at 7:37

Next meeting March 31, 2015 at 6:00


Respectfully Submitted,

Carolyn Holmy

Secretary Student Governance Council



Proposed agenda

Review goals and mission of SGC

28 October 2014

Meeting came to order at 6:08

Present: Michelle Beauregard, Pam Carleson, Karen Culver-Rymsza, Melissa Delaney, Allysha Desrosiers, Gayle Flanagan, Kathleen Goebel, Carolyn Holmy, Erika Lorange, Elyse McAteer, Alexandra Thomas, Louisa Trakas, Ray Watson, Jim Worth

Minutes accepted


School web page- Jim reported that Chris Bitgood had made some changes and that Beth Turene had just completed a two day training. Karen, Carolyn and Jim will meet for a follow up in the next couple of weeks.

Common Core Brochure- There will be two brochures – one for the community and one for the parents. Parent brochure would include instruction on how to access ASPEN (the system wide computer based grading and report program) All quarter 1 grades will be available via ASPEN. There will be no paper report cards mailed unless the household does not have access to the Internet. Parents have to notify the school if they need report card mailed. Parents will be notified through the whole school communication message system. It was also suggested that a brief explanation of Aspen should be available to the community.

Publicity- because of the negative publicity surrounding the incident at the football game on Sept. 26, steps have been taken to make some changes. Students made a You-Tube video about who we were and our beliefs. Faculty and staff  will work on being proactive to  address negativity. There will be more supervision at all the activities from both staff and parents. We will focus on positive publicity.

School newspaper has a new format- it is more of a magazine than newspaper. Copies will be distributed around the community such as the town hall and Senior Center for community.

Events around Plainfield High School

PSATS/SATS were given on Oct. 15 with 88-96% of sophomores through Seniors participating.

Band and Color Guard received first place in a recent competition.

Football team 5-1.

Police K-9 teams came in and swept the school and did not find any inappropriate substances

Action Plan:

2 brochures school based and community based mock ups due at next meeting

Karen, Carolyn and Jim meet to look at website

At next meeting have media available (IPAD, Chrome Book, computer) to see how to navigate through web site.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:20


Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Holmy


Next meeting: Tuesday December 9 at 6:00


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