Mrs. Longo

Freshman Academy Science, 9th Grade Class Advisor

Phone: 860-564-6422 ext 2209

Courses Taught
Integrated Science
  • Honors
  • College Prep

Life Science

I set goals for my students that help them meet success academically, as well as enjoy their 9th grade experience. We have school wide expectations that are frequently discussed, modeled, and encouraged in every classroom:

  • READY TO LEARN: Students need to be prepared for class. They should have their supplies (notebooks, folders, PENCILS, calculators). Being organized is one of the best skills they can acquire in meeting success as a student.
  • RESPONSIBLE: Complete homework before class…not during it, when we are reviewing the work, or after it, when it may have less relevance. Use the tools given to you, such as study guides and outlines, to help you succeed. Be an active learner by participating in class, asking questions, paying attention to the activities in the classroom, and taking pride in your work.
  • RESPECTFUL to others in the classroom: This includes the teacher and other students.  I encourage students to be active participants in the classroom…I want them to share their ideas and their thinking, but in appropriate ways and not at the expense of others. We may discover different ideas or opinions about any given topic. It is important that all students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, are receptive to their peers’ ideas, and are open to accepting other possibilities.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY… have fun in science! It is awesome to learn more about the world around you… being inquisitive, exploring, and discovering new things. I want my students to learn about things they are interested in, in ways that motivate them. We will be using a variety of technical tools this year, which I hope will engage students to explore and discover scientific content. I encourage them to ask questions, share experiences, challenge themselves, and find ways to use what they learn in their own lives.

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