Modern World History: Honors and College Prep Credits: 1

Description of the Course:

Modern World History is a semester long survey course, in which the significant trends and characteristics of world history since the Industrial Revolution are examined. The goal is to make understandable the political, economic and social foundations of today’s world. In order to make sense of present realities, students will be asked to analyze the elements that created them.  In this course students will be expected to write persuasively, read effectively for information, think and express their thoughts analytically, work successfully with others on a variety of projects, research selected topics, utilize technology, and discuss current events.

Social Studies Program Philosophy:

The Social Studies department of Plainfield High School, working within the statement, will prepare students to live in a democratic society; gain knowledge of history, civics, government and geography; understand the interaction among history, the social studies and humanities; and apply that knowledge and understanding as responsible citizens toward the development of our society.

Plainfield Public Schools 651 Norwich Rd Plainfield CT 06374

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