The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is an aptitude test that measures strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future career success.  For students considering the military after graduation, the test is used to determine whether or not you qualify to join the military.  Some students may want to take the test for career exploration purposes only.   Whether you are going to college, vocational school, or joining the military taking this test for career exploration purposes may help determine success in future career endeavors.  The test takes approximately 3 hours to complete and is proctored by the military.  Once scores are returned, students will attend an interpretation session where scores will be explained. 

There is no obligation to the military associated with taking the ASVAB.  Scores are not given to the military and you will not be contacted by a recruiter as a result of taking this test.  For those students considering a career in the military, it is the student’s responsibility to contact a recruiter.

The test is offered at least twice during the school year.

For more information or questions contact:

Terry Liebel

PHS Guidance Department

860-564-6422 ext. 1125

Plainfield Public Schools 651 Norwich Rd Plainfield CT 06374

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