Budget Information

Updated 5.7.23

Plainfield Community,

Utilizing the two links below, you will find the proposed FY 2023/2024 Budget and the January Budget presentation.  This budget is designed to ensure we support the needs of our students, sustain programs and meet the State of Connecticut Requirements for the delivery of our programs.  As this budget was developed, please note that every effort was made to reduce costs and/or optimize costs and to seek new revenues to reduce taxpayer burden.  The school system is proud of its efforts to provide detailed validation historical data and rationale for all cost projections in its effort to meet the BOE goal of transparency and due diligence in the budget development process.

The overall draft proposed FY 2023/2024 School Budget of $37,294,009 is an increase of $917,786 reflecting a 2.52% increase over the current year.