Budget Information

Greetings Plainfield Community,
Our collaborative budget process this year involved the active participation and consideration of
every member within the Plainfield Public Schools community. Consequently, the FY25 proposed
budget meticulously encompasses every facet of our organization, with a primary focus on serving
the needs of our students. The total proposed budget for FY25 amounts to $38,194,519. reflecting
a 2.28% increase over the adopted FY24 budget of $37,343,994.

Beyond our dedicated staff, the FY25 budget is designed to address the specific needs of our
students. We aim to provide them with optimal opportunities for success while upholding financial
responsibility across a budget supported by local, state, and federal funds.

For a detailed breakdown of this increase and a transparent account of how each dollar contributes
to the academic, social, emotional, and personal development of our unique and remarkable
students in safe and supportive environments, please refer to the following pages.