Curriculum and Instruction

The Plainfield Public Schools is committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students. Through a rigorous curriculum, on-going assessment practices, and varied student services, we continually promote a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of all learners.

Creating and monitoring quality curriculum is an ongoing challenge due to the range of grade levels a curriculum covers, the quality of the available instructional materials, and the changing expectations of student learning. Ongoing curriculum communications strengthen coherence across and among school levels. A well-designed curriculum can assist teachers in designing powerful learning experiences, providing seamless course/grade progression, and improving student performance. Teachers take an active part in curriculum development. Standards and concept-based curriculum, performance assessments, and high quality instruction are at the heart of what keeps the Plainfield Public Schools thriving

The Plainfield Curriculum Advisory Council meets monthly to assess curriculum- related needs and provides oversight for professional development for teachers and paraprofessionals in Plainfield.

Early Childhood Opportunities
The Plainfield Public Schools pride themselves on providing quality educational experiences. We feel that enriched early childhood environments not only provide extraordinary opportunities for young children but also form the foundation for a successful educational career. Our district has two different preschool early childhood options. Our universal preschool is housed at Shepard Hill Elementary School and our Readiness Program is housed at the Early Childhood Center. Both of these programs have master educators who teach our youngest students new skills, foster excitement for learning and develop a sense of belonging. The goal of both our programs is to bring teachers, parents and the community together with a common vision to enhance the lives of children and to prepare them for academic success for years to come.

Our Universal Preschool is available for all four-year old children and is a free program that is available for either two or four half days.

Our Readiness Program, located at our Early Childhood Center, is a full day, full year program that operates on a sliding scale. It is open to three and four year olds.

The curriculum in both programs is both academic and developmental with activities to support gross and fine motor skills, self-help, socialization, communication and cognitive skills. The curriculum aligns with the Connecticut pre-school benchmarks.

K-12 Curriculum
The Plainfield Public Schools are committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students. Through a rigorous curriculum, on-going assessment practices and varied student services, we continually work to assure that we are meeting the needs of all learners.

Grades K-5

Our comprehensive curriculum is aligned with Common Core and Connecticut Academic Standards. In addition to providing a solid curriculum in the core academic areas of:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies

We also offer the following:

  • Technology Instruction
  • Library Media Services
  • K-8 Art, Music, Physical Education
  • Character Education
  • Before and After School Enrichment Programs

Grades 6-8

At Plainfield Central School we also offer a variety of elective courses including:

  • Choir
  • Band
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Computer