PPS Educational Technology

The Plainfield Public School District is dedicated to supporting educators and students in blended learning environments. Our Instructional Technology Coach collaborates with administrators, teachers, and support staff to blend technology into teaching and learning in order to integrate learning experiences which results in higher levels of achievement for students. Our focus is to empower our community of students to become fully active participants in our technology-driven, global society, where they have access to digital educational resources beyond the school day, all the while promoting creativity, critical thinking, and individualized learning. Our Instructional Technology Coach supports the district by providing staff with the software, technology tools, and professional learning necessary to provide students with the 21st-century skills needed to become college, career, and citizenship ready. As technology continues to evolve, the way the district provides instruction and learning opportunities is constantly being evaluated and changed to reflect the needs of our students and transform the learning environment. Over the last five years, the district has implemented a 1:1 Technology Program with the students in the district.  The Instructional Technology Coach works to support teachers and staff in using the technology effectively, efficiently, and with the latest learning resources to provide students with dynamic, and technology integrated learning experiences.
Using technology for impact: The SAMR model

Instructional Technology Coach
Erin Quinn


Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) team works to support the 21st-century learners and instructors in all of the Plainfield schools and the Board of Education Central Offices. Our IT team works to provide the latest technology needs for a rapidly changing educational world. The IT team provides information systems and services management, device management, a multifaceted technology infrastructure, and technical support to educators and staff on district devices and software. The mission of the Information Technology (IT) Department is to provide excellence in contemporary technology services and solutions that ensure and enhance the learning process; and with eyes to the future, be technology visionaries that facilitate the educational objectives of the district while ensuring cost-effective information delivery systems are in place. The IT team encourages Plainfield staff and teachers to take the time to learn how to use the devices, products, and software that they use in their classroom, office, or school. It is also important to learn simple problem-solving and trouble-shooting fixes for these products. If problems continue, submit a ticket to the PPS Help Desk for device or product issues, and select Classroom Instructional Technology Help if you need assistance using the technology in the classroom.

Technology Director and
Network and Computer Systems Administrator

David Fella

Systems Manager
Josh Berube 

Data Manager
Mary Jo Beaudoin

District Computer Technicians

Joshua Lovejoy- PHS
Riley Winters -PCS/PMS/ECC
Ethan Newton -SHE
Almouhallab Tmeem ('AT') - MES