BOE Meeting Documents

Public Comment:

To promote public interaction with the Board of Education,  Plainfield Public Schools provides access to public Board of Education meetings virtually through teleconference by request. 

 At designated meetings members of the public can address the Board in real time by submitting a Public Speaker request to [email protected]  by 12:00 noon the day of the meeting. Comments will be both live and virtual, but all speakers must sign up via the form. 

Speakers will be recognized in the order they signed-up. Individuals who attend the meeting will have the opportunity to sign up on a clipboard in the auditorium.  Each speaker will be asked to provide their name and address before speaking.  Speakers are allotted three minutes and a timer will appointed by the BOE. Each speaker may address the Board only once per meeting.

Members of the public may also submit public comments via the following email address: [email protected], beginning at the time of the posting of the public notice of a meeting and ending at the scheduled start time of said meeting.  Members of the public are encouraged to send their thoughts and opinions to the Board at any time, but only those received during the public comment submission window will be included in the public record of a Board of Education meeting.

Please note that Per BOE policy 9323.1, there will be no dialogue between Board members and the Public at Board meetings except to clarify the nature of questions or comments.

Under the direction of the Board Chair, members of the Board and the administration may respond to comments.  However, in consideration of those in attendance and in an effort to proceed in a timely manner, follow-up discussion may need to take place outside of the meeting setting.