Student Data Privacy

Plainfield Public Schools -Privacy Information

The Plainfield Public School District is committed to protecting privacy and developing technology that gives students the most powerful and safe educational experience. The District complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which has a goal of protecting a student's educational records. Although FERPA regulations apply only to students, Plainfield Public Schools is equally committed to protecting the privacy of all data.

Plainfield must ensure that both teaching and learning capitalize on technological resources in the classroom to sustain a 21st century learning environment. Quality educators must provide students with access to rich technological resources and must model appropriate applications through their instructional practices. Empowering students with access to great knowledge resources demands great responsibility for promoting safe and ethical practices when using such technologies. Students must be provided instruction through technology, access to information, applications for technology consistent with workplace and societal expectations, measures of progress towards real-life applications of technology and evidence of effective use of technologies for knowledge and skill development.

Plainfield Board of Education policies with regards to privacy can be found:

Policy 5125: Confidentiality and Access to Student Records

Protocol for Completing New Software Application Request 

Teachers may request to use new software/ websites/ applications by following the procedure outlined here: 
 Protocol for Completing New Software Application Request.pdf
Once this process is completed and you have obtained approval, please fill out the request form:
New Software Application Request

The following systems are used by the district. The student's classroom teacher can be contacted if you would like more detail about which services are being used.