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Infinite Campus is a secure online information resource for Plainfield Public Schools.  It contains family contact information, and a variety of other information that teachers, students, and parents may need.

What you can do with the Infinite Campus parent portal?

View your child's schedule, a list of his/her teachers, your family demographic information, and review attendance information.

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I am brand new to Plainfield Public Schools.  How do I create an account?

Parent accounts require an email address. If you have provided one during registration or when you updated your contact information, you will receive an automated message that contains a temporary link and unique identifying information that will help you create an account and link that account to your student(s).    Students receive their account information from the school and can sign on via the single sign-on option with their Plainfield Public Schools Google credentials. You will have the same account as long as your child is a student, even if they change schools. Parents must use the secure link and activation key sent from the school to sign up and link students to their account.   

I already have an Infinite Campus Portal account, but I'm not sure how to use it.

If you're unfamiliar with Infinite Campus, Please view this video for a general overview of the parent portal.

What should I do if my student or I forget our username?

Parents use their email address for Infinite Campus usernames. If you need to update this email for any reason please visit your portal and request a demographic update.  If you experience any issues please contact the school at [email protected] .  Student account access is via single sign-on with their Plainfield Public Schools Google credentials.  

Will I be able to see all of my children in one account?

All of your children in Plainfield Public Schools will be under the same family account, even if they are in different schools.

Why can't I see my student's grades?  

We will be rolling out access to grades as we continue to configure the system.  Different grade levels will have different visibility into teacher grade books.  Once access is available, some teachers make only the assignment viewable and do not make the grades for the assignment public until they have graded all students. Some teachers keep everything public so that assignment grades can be viewed as soon as they are entered.


How often should my child be checking Infinite Campus?

You should log in to your portal at the beginning of each year to verify and request updates to demographic information.  Depending on your child's grade level, progress reports and report cards may be available in the parent portal.  If you are frequently checking for new scores, you or your child may want to ask their teachers about how often scores will be posted, which may help to limit how often they log in.

Will the grade values I see in Infinite Campus correlate to my child's progress report or report card grades?

For the most part, yes, however, teachers will be including new grades until the last moment, so it is possible that changes may occur that result in a different overall or term grade.

When do teachers enter grades?

Teachers update grades on an ongoing basis, as they receive and evaluate assignments and in-class work. It may take up to two weeks for a specific grade to be entered after the student has completed a particular assignment


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